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10/11/2018 - Mayor Ganim Joins Police Chief Perez, CT Against Gun Violence to Sign Ordinance Banning Ghost Guns in Bridgeport

Mayor Joseph P. Ganim
Bridgeport, CT

For Immediate Release 
October 11, 2018

For More Information:
Dalmarys Matos (203) 576-7201

Press Release

Mayor Ganim Joins Police Chief Perez, CT Against Gun Violence to Sign Ordinance Banning Ghost Guns in Bridgeport
Police to Crack Down on Guns Manufactured with 3D Printers

Bridgeport, CT- Mayor Ganim joined Bridgeport Police Chief AJ Perez, Connecticut Against Gun Violence (CAGV) Executive Director Jeremy Stein, members of Bridgeport State Legislative Delegation and City Council this week to sign a city ordinance banning the use of 3-D printed weapons and ghost guns in the City of Bridgeport.

“As a city, we are taking a stand against gun violence,” said Mayor Ganim. “Every day we look at the challenges of gun violence as they confront us as a city, and you don’t have to step back too far to see how these challenges confront us as a state and as a country. What we are trying to do on a local level is continue the fight in partnership with our leaders in Hartford. We can only do so much, but by taking the steps to have tighter restrictions on gun laws in our community, it is our hope it will encourage other municipalities to do the same. And moreover, promote action on a state level to create stricter and more common-sense gun laws.”

These untraceable ghost guns and 3-D printed weapons are firearms that do not have serial numbers, which pose a large security risk for communities across the country.
Bridgeport Police Chief AJ Perez said, “We have recovered several ghost guns this year alone. It is time to take action and realize the unfortunate truth of how simple it is for people to create these unregistered and lethal firearms. These weapons are being spread across our city and we have to take a stand to prevent gun violence.”

CAGV Executive Director Jeremy Stein said, “I congratulate the City of Bridgeport for being at the forefront of this and making sure we are doing what is necessary to keep those that we love safe. People are building these things in their basements and in their homes and they’re putting them out there to try to kill people, and that is the reality here. And we need to make sure that we pass these kinds of ordinances, as well as state statues.”

State Representative Steve Stafstrom said, “A year ago at this time, most of the State of Connecticut hadn’t heard the term ‘ghost gun’. They didn’t know what a ghost gun was because the prevalence of ghost guns really is just starting to be seen. This ordinance is a good first step but guns don’t stop at city lines. Guns transcend across city lines, state lines and even national lines. So we need to move this fight forward.”

City Council member Ernie Newton said, “No one in the City Council hesitated to support this ordinance. We have to do everything we can to take illegal guns off the streets in Bridgeport and throughout the state.”

Effective immediately, anyone who is found in possession of a ghost gun or 3-D printed weapon will be fined $250 per day and the firearms in question will be seized by Bridgeport Police.