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7/22/2013 - Rare Amur leopard now at home at Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo

From the Connecticut Post

She's an adorable, playful 5-year-old, who is finally becoming comfortable in her new home.

Her name is Sofiya, and like most youngsters, she does what she wants, when she wants.

Sofiya is a 60-pound, "critically endangered" Amur leopard, who has taken up residency at Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport.

Zoo Director Gregg Dancho explained that this rare female is one of 176 in captivity throughout the world; it is estimated that only 30 to 40 Amur leopards remain in the wild.

"When we announced our efforts to bring an Amur leopard here, the response was overwhelming," Dancho said. "Given how rare these cats are, we are very proud to have her with us. It's a real testament to our zoo's strong reputation for working to protect endangered species and to educate our guests about them. It's an important part of our mission and we're justifiably proud of that."

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