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2/4/2013 - Freezin' for a Reason to benefit Wakeman Boys & Girls Clubs Set for Saturday, Feb. 23

Freezin' for a Reason to benefit Wakeman Boys & Girls Clubs

Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 12 p.m.
Jennings Beach, Fairfield


From Wakeman Boys & Girls Clubs:

What is Freezin' for a Reason? Freezin' is a fun event where adults and kids jump into the chilly waters of LI Sound to raise money for Wakeman. Participants receive pledges from family and friends to support their plunge. And fear not ...the dip into the water is quick...we go in at 12pm and only the bravest are still in the water at is the shortest fund raising event in history!

Funds raised benefit all of the programs at Wakeman's three Clubhouses - Southport, Stratfield, and Smilow-Burroughs - and the McKinley Outreach Program. Last year, our plungers raised more than $80,000 for Wakeman programs!

In order to plunge and take part in the Post-Plunge Party you are asked to raise at least $100 if you are a Wakeman member and $200 if you are an adult. Not sure you want to take a full mid-winter swim but still want to raise money for Wakeman? You can still take part in Freezin' for a Reason by registering as a "Chicken Dipper"!

Ready to sign up and join the fun? Click here to go to the registration page.

Want to learn more about the event? Read our Freezin for a Reason guide to learn more about registering, raising money from friends and family, and some of the frequently asked questions about the day of the event!

Incentive prizes will be awarded as you raise more money. Set your goal high and keep sending out emails to get support from family and friends. The more money you raise, the more prizes you get!

Questions? Call Kevin Simmons or Kait Herman at 203-908-3378 or email