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12/24/2012 - Bridgeport Police Give Away 300 bicycles to City Kids

The Bridgeport Police Department gave out 300 bicycles to city children on Sunday, Dec. 23 at Central High School.

During the last month, police raised $20,000 in cash and new children’s bicycles from local merchants and some private donors, said Police Sgt. Paul Grech. Police then visited every school in the city, including its parochial schools, and asked the staff to compile a list of six to nine children whose families could use some help before the holidays.

Grech then wrote letters to each family to tell them they could pick up a new bike and helmet Sunday at Central High.

“Kudos to our police officers for making hundreds of kids’ lives a little brighter this holiday season,” said Mayor Bill Finch. “Bridgeport truly is a generous city.”

Police Chief Joseph L. Gaudett Jr. expressed appreciation to Grech for organizing the effort.

“I see Bridgeport police officers doing great work every day in this city. It doesn’t go unnoticed,” said Gaudett. “Paul Grech’s bicycle collection is just one example. It shows how much he and other officers care about this city and its children.”

Grech said the bikes were purchased from Wal-Mart, which generously provided a discounted price.

“We just want to make some kids’ Christmases as little better,” Grech said.

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