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12/18/2020 - Bridgeport Officials Announce State OPM to Provide Grant Relief of $5 Million for City COVID Response

Mayor Joseph P. Ganim
Bridgeport, CT

For Immediate Release                                                                                            
December 18, 2020   



BRIDGEPORT, CT – City officials announce today that the State of Connecticut Office of Policy and Management has released $45.5 million of Federal Cares Act funding to municipalities throughout the state.  Bridgeport will be in receipt of $5.4 million allocated towards expenses incurred by the city related to COVID-19 and COVID community response.   The Cares Act funds are designated to replenish costs incurred by cities and towns for public health and safety items due to COVID.
A Resolution to the City Council has been fast-tracked to accept the State Coronavirus Relief Fund Municipal Grant Program (CRF) for COVID-19 costs incurred by the City between March and December 2020.  In a letter to City Council, Finance Director Flatto outlined the following:
This request is being fast tracked, as requested by the State Office of Policy and Management yesterday, due to the COVID-19 public health emergency based upon a full and final funding amount received by the State from the federal government under the 2020 CARES Act. The State requires municipal city Finance Directors to manage and certify this grant acceptance process.
This CRF grant is supplemental to any FEMA grant funding previously approved by the Council.  The State determined this final funding level this week based upon factors including municipal population and community equalized grand list criteria.  Bridgeport is getting a significant portion of this state grant funding, totaling $4.6 million for FY2021 plus $871,000 for last fiscal year.
Mayor Ganim stated, “We appreciate it, thank you Governor.  Cities and towns are struggling, providing education and everything that must be done for so many groups and individuals in our community as we respond to their needs during the public health crisis.”
For updates and information about COVID-19, and COVID Testing, residents are asked to check and follow the City of Bridgeport on Twitter and Facebook.