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10/6/2020 - Bridgeport Officials Remind Residents That Utility Shutoff Moratorium Has Ended

Mayor Joseph P. Ganim
Bridgeport, CT

For Immediate Release                                                                          
October 6, 2020 



BRIDGEPORT, CT – City of Bridgeport officials are advising residents of updates from Connecticut’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) regarding the end of the utility shut off moratorium which concluded on September 30, 2020.   With the end of this moratorium, utility companies may begin to resume regular collection activities for most customers this month.

Residential and commercial customers who need assistance are strongly encouraged to enroll in a COVID-19 payment plan by November 1, 2020 with their utility company.  Payment plans can last up to 24 months, with no down payment required and no interest or late payment charges. 

Any customer enrolled in a COVID-19 Payment Program who is current with their payment terms cannot be disconnected even once the Shut-off Moratoriums have concluded.   Enrollment for the COVID-19 Payment Program is open until November 1, 2020

PURA encourages customers having trouble paying their utility bills to contact their utility company and to ask:
First, whether the customer is eligible to be “coded hardship”, for either financial or medical situations. Special financial assistance programs are available to hardship customers.  
Second, if ineligible for hardship status, to be placed on a COVID-19 Payment Plan. 

COVID-19 Payment Plans:
Available to customers requesting financial assistance, without demonstrating financial need;
Require no initial or down payment;
Can be up to twenty-four (24) months in length;
Waive any fees or interest in the calculation of the monthly payment amount;
Facilitate repayment of past due balances in addition to the customer’s current monthly bill.

To set up a payment plan and avoid disconnected service due to delinquent payments, contact:
Customer Service can be reached at:

UI        800-722-5584

SCG    800-659-8299 Customer Service & Billing
    866-659-4140 SCG Credit & Collections
CNG   860-524-8361 Customer Service and Billing
    860-727-3034 CNG Credit & Collections

On March 12, 2020 PURA directed United Illuminating, Southern CT Gas, and Connecticut Natural Gas to cease residential shutoffs during the COVID-19 outbreaks; utility companies temporarily stopped disconnecting customers for nonpayment and suspended security deposits and late fees.