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10/1/2019 - Mayor Ganim, Bond Celebrate Statute Banning Sale of Tobacco Products to Youth


Mayor Joseph P. Ganim
Bridgeport, CT

For Immediate Release
October 1, 2019

For More information
Josue Jorge (203) 576-7201


Mayor Ganim, Bond Celebrate Statute Banning Sale of Tobacco Products to Youth


Bridgeport, CT – Today, Mayor Ganim joined Department of Health and Social Services Director Maritza Bond and other city officials to announce the prohibition of tobacco and vaping products to individuals under age 21—on both a local and, effective today, state level as well.

Mayor Ganim cited Bridgeport as one of the first in the State to say “No” to both the sale of tobacco to youth and vaping products. By state officials introducing Tobacco 21 and aligning with the City’s victory in public health, Mayor Ganim believes “Through this, today, the State of Connecticut has stepped up big time.”

As mentioned by Director Bond, the CDC has logged over 530 cases of lung illnesses related to vaping products. Thirteen of those cases were in Connecticut, seven in Fairfield County. Effecting individuals from ages ranging from 15-50, Bond called the details “catastrophic” and “hitting all ages and all socio-economic groups.” She also commented, “The amendment of this tobacco ordinance was a priority for us as a Health Department because as a public health agent, we have the duty to protect our residents from this devastating epidemic that we are now facing in our country, in our states and in our cities.”

The Bridgeport Health Department will enforce Statute Public Act #19-13 and Bridgeport Ordinance Section 8.90.050 through unannounced compliance checks. Business owners found not in compliance will be fined $150.

Mayor Ganim, City Council and the Department of Health and Social Services plan to fully commit to youth education and advocacy of prohibiting all vaping products.