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10/17/2018 - Mayor Ganim Joins City Leaders to Sign Employment Opportunity Ordinance

Mayor Joseph P. Ganim
Bridgeport, CT

For Immediate Release
October 17, 2018

For More Information:
Dalmarys Matos (203) 576-7201

Press Release

Mayor Ganim Joins City Leaders to Sign Employment Opportunity Ordinance

Bridgeport Ordinance to Provide Job Opportunities for Local Residents and Returning Citizens
Bridgeport, CT— Mayor Ganim was joined by City Council member Ernest Newton, Mayor’s Initiative for Reentry Affairs (MIRA) Director Eric Christmas, second chance advocates and community members today to sign an ordinance that will encourage developers, who receive incentives from the city, to hire Bridgeport residents and returning citizens for employment opportunities.

“As a city, we want to thrive with economic development while providing job opportunities for our residents and returning citizens,” said Mayor Ganim. “This ordinance was shepherded by City Council members and it had my full support. We understand and recognize the challenges of returning citizens, and the nature of our current job climate. This ordinance will give our community members priority. This is not an end all, but it is certainly a major step in the right direction. People want an even playing field or even the chance, not a handout but just an opportunity. As a returning citizen myself, I want to make sure I am using my platform to give people after me the chance to move forward for their families and for our community.”

City Council member Ernest Newton said, “This is a historic day in the City of Bridgeport and I could not have done this without the Mayor’s support. It is not easy when you come home and doors are shut in your face. It is not easy when you have children that you have to feed but you cannot find a job because of your past. So today, we are changing the game a little bit. If we live here, we deserve to work here. We have every right to have a job, not just ex-felons or returning citizens but residents of the City of Bridgeport should be given first consideration for any jobs that come through this city.”