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9/19/2016 - Mayor Ganim and Chief AJ Perez Swear in 29 New Bridgeport Police Officers


Police Department                            Mayor Joseph P. Ganim

Chief Armando J. Perez                    Bridgeport, CT


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September 19, 2016                                          Av Harris (203) 814-7992

-Press Release-

Mayor Ganim, Chief Perez Swear in Class of 29 New Bridgeport Police Officers

37th Bridgeport Police Academy Class Includes Diverse Group; 27 out of 29 are Bridgeport Residents

Bridgeport – Mayor Joe Ganim and Bridgeport Police Chief AJ Perez today swore in the 37th Bridgeport Police Academy Class consisting of 29 new Bridgeport probationary police officers.  The new academy graduates are the most diverse class of police recruits in Bridgeport history and all but two of the new officers are Bridgeport residents.  The group includes seven women officers including one Vietnamese-American officer, 13 Hispanic officers, nine African-American officers and two multi-racial officers.  The probationary officers will be under close supervision for a period of eight months before becoming full police officers.  All 29 new Bridgeport Police officers were sworn in by Mayor Ganim at a ceremony at the Klein memorial auditorium attended by the officers’ families and numerous dignitaries.


Addressing the graduates, Mayor Ganim said, “This is a great day for the city of Bridgeport and for the Bridgeport Police Department.  I am very proud of this police class.  We made a commitment together to add real numbers to our police department so we could be more effective and make Bridgeport the safest city it can be, and you represent the first important step in that process.  With more manpower, we can be more proactive and preventative in the areas of public safety, not just reactive in terms of apprehension.  We do much better in Bridgeport than other cities in working hand in hand with the community in the true concept of community policing.  You as graduates are now part of the Bridgeport police family, we will always be there for you and we are counting on you greatly. This job is 24-7, 365 days per year and comes with great responsibility and some perils.  Every day you put on that uniform and go out to make our community safer, you need to be at your best, doing your best.  You are the beginning and end of lawfulness in our city.  The citizens of the city of Bridgeport have great faith in you, but they also have high expectations.” 


Police Chief AJ Perez addressed the graduates by saying, “We exist to serve and to protect the good people of the city of Bridgeport.  Being a Police officer is an act of heroism in and of itself.  Thank you for having the courage to join you now represent the people who were here before you, some of whom laid down their lives to protect the citizens of Bridgeport.  Be proud of that uniform you put on every day.  Be as ethical as you can possibly be.  Our police department is second to none.  We need you to be the very best.  Treat others as you would want to be treated.  Go out of your way to do someone a favor.  Stop and help anyone.  It is your job to help everyone.  Make the city of Bridgeport proud, make the police department proud, and make your families proud!”


Mayor Ganim has pledged to grow the ranks of the Bridgeport Police Department by 100 new officers to fill vastly depleted ranks.  The Bridgeport police department is planning to launch two more recruit classes over the course of the next year.  In order to be accepted as Bridgeport police recruits, candidates must first pass the entrance exam, a physical exam, and a background check.  Academy training includes rigorous physical testing, classes on policing concepts, lasting nearly six months.

The Bridgeport Police Academy’s 37th graduating class includes the following new officers(listed with their town of residence):



Marcus Berrios

James Boulay

Carlos Carmo Jr.

Linet Castillo-Jimenez

Andrew Christie

Jamar Edwards

Ovelize Elena

Margaret Farkas

Steven Figueroa

Kamar Gidden

Bobby Hernandez

Richard Jimenez

Matthew Johnson

Chelsea Lancia

Natalie McLaughlin

Taequan Mitchell

Luis Ortiz

Daniel Ortiz

Mario Pecirep

Joseph Pires

Eroildo Quiles

Thiago Reases

Hector Rivera

Milka Rodriguez

Stephen Silva

Jonathan Simmons

Adam Szeps

Cyndy Trinh

Dale Walker



Paige Bodnar



James Tortora