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9/2/2016 - Mayor Ganim, Beardsley Zoo Officials Break Ground on New Kitchen and Commissary for Animals


Mayor Joseph P. Ganim

Bridgeport, CT


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August 31, 2016                                                                                  Av Harris (203) 814-7992


-Press Release-

Mayor Ganim, Beardsley Zoo Officials Break Ground on New Kitchen and Commissary for Animals

State-of-the-art Food Preparation Facility for Animals will Replace Decades-old Facility


YouTube Video of announcement:

Bridgeport, CTMayor Joe Ganim today joined Beardsley Zoo officials to break ground on construction of the new kitchen and animal commissary.  Once completed, the commissary will be central to preparing meals for the animals according to their specialized diets prescribed by the zoo veterinarian.  The new state-of-the-art commissary will replace a decades-old facility and feature a large window so visitors can see how the food is prepared. The kitchen will also be able to house more zoo volunteers and help launch animal care educational programs.

“The new kitchen will not only better serve our animals, but it will also be another visually engaging feature the Beardsley Zoo will offer to many visitors from the region,” said Mayor Ganim.  “The Beardsley Zoo is an educational and fun attraction – the only zoo in Connecticut – and draws thousands of visitors and schoolchildren from all over Connecticut and Westchester County as well as neighbors from surrounding towns.  Having this new kitchen so our animals get the nutrition they need will only help attract great new exhibits and bring even more visitors to this special place.”

Beardsley Zoo Director, Gregg Dancho said, “The health of the animals is our top priority at the zoo. The new kitchen and commissary will allow the Animal Care Staff to prepare the diets of our residents in an up-to-date kitchen. What is so great about this new kitchen and commissary is it will also serve as an exhibit for the public.  Visitors will be able to see staff prepare food and create diets for the animals.”

The current kitchen made headlines in 1950, when the Beardsley Zoo was on the cover of Look Magazine for having the most state-of-the-art kitchen for animal care.  The renovation of the facility will once again set the Beardsley Zoo apart for superior diet for animals.  Diet is a vitally important component of animal care and the food that is prepared is as varied as the animals that consume it.  Special diets are created for each species which is overseen by the zoo Curators and the zoo Veterinarian.  The new kitchen will allow the staff to do their jobs with more comfort and ease.  The Animal Commissary will be up-to-date with a stainless steel food prep area, new cooler and freezer units. The project is estimated to be completed by the first of the year.