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6/22/2016 - ZIKA VIRUS & MOSQUITO BORNE VIRUSES: Information and Prevention

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ZIKA VIRUS & MOSQUITO BORNE VIRUSES: Information and Prevention

Background Information           Prevention 

Basics of Zika                                          10 Steps to Reduce Mosquitos in Your Yard

Zika Map                                                  Ideas to Talk to your Child About Zika

Ades Mosquito Life Map                     Control Mosquitos

Zika: What We Know                           Mosquito Bite Prevention

How Zika Spreads                                 Zika and Sexual Transmission

                                                                          -Zika and Sex

                                                                                      -Men with Pregnant Partners

                                                                  Zika and Pregnant Travel

                                                                  Zika Youth Activity Book

                                                                  Zika Prevention Education


 Symptoms & Treatment       West Nile Virus

Symptoms of Zika are:                         West Nile Virus Facts

     -Mild fever                                                   West Nile Transmission Cycle

      -Skin rash

     -Conjunctivitis (red eyes)

     -Muscle and joint pain

     -Malaise or headache.

    -They normally last for 2-7 days.

Doctor's Visit Checklist

Positive Zika Test




US Zika Pregnancy Registry