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6/7/2016 - Mayor Ganim Praises City Council Approval of Land Sale to Sacred Heart University

Mayor Joseph P. Ganim

Bridgeport, CT

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-Press Release-

Mayor Ganim Praises Bridgeport City Council Approval of Land Sale and Agreement with Sacred Heart University

$4,000,000 Agreement gives Sacred Heart Given Access to Build World-Class Tennis Facility on 90 Acres Park; University Agrees to Preserve Eight Acres of Wooded Land in Perpetuity and Preserve Public Access  


Bridgeport, CT – Mayor Joe Ganim is praising the Bridgeport City Council’s approval of the sale of approximately eight acres of land to Sacred Heart University abutting the Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course and the university campus.  City Councilors approved the agreement by a vote of 15-3 at a city council meeting tonight.  The agreement between the city and the university brings the city $4,000,000 and in return, Sacred Heart agrees never to alter, develop or enclose the land, consisting of steep terrain, forest, and wetlands that shall remain accessible to the public.  This agreement also contains a clause that allows Sacred Heart University access to fund and build a world class tennis facility on city-owned 90 Acres Park, tennis courts that Bridgeport residents will be able to use and enjoy.


“This deal is very sensible to all involved,” said Mayor Ganim.  “Through this agreement, Sacred Heart gets more of a geographical footprint in Bridgeport which it needs in order to build more on its campus in Fairfield.  The building that will result from this sale will also benefit the north end of Bridgeport as more students will be able to be housed on campus.  The funds obtained will also benefit the taxpayers of Bridgeport while the land and the public’s access to it are also forever preserved.  There are also many city residents who will get much enjoyment out of using the new state of the art tennis facility.  It is a great deal that makes a lot of sense and I am grateful for our city council’s carefully considered, thoughtful action endorsing this idea.” 


The open space land acquired by Sacred Heart University as part of this agreement is part of 95 acres of land deeded to the City of Bridgeport by Frank Hall in 1935.  That land contains a golf course that is part of Fairfield and land which is used for Frisbee golf, and both of these recreational pursuits on this property will be able to continue uninterrupted by this land sale.