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2/1/2016 - Bridgeport Police Seize More Than 20 Guns, Shut Down Major Drug Operation

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Police Department                            Mayor Joseph P. Ganim

Bridgeport, CT


For Immediate Release                                                          For More Information:

February 1, 2016                                                                      Av Harris (203) 814-7992


-Press Release-

Bridgeport Police Seize More than 20 Guns, Major Quantities of Marijuana, other Illicit Drugs on January 30th

One Bridgeport Man Under Arrest, Charged with Multiple Felony Drug Counts; Action Coordinated by New Violent Crime Reduction Task Force


Bridgeport Bridgeport Police today revealed that a major cache of guns and illicit drugs were seized in an action of the city’s new Violent Crime Reduction Task Force over the weekend.  One Bridgeport man was arrested during the police action on Saturday January 30, 2016 and charged with several felony counts.  The Bridgeport Police Tactical Narcotics Team executed a Search and Seizure Warrant at 30 Aldine Avenue, in Bridgeport.  There, Officers discovered an elaborate marijuana cultivation center located in the basement of the residence, which was comprised of indoor grow tents equipped with high intensity grow lamps, agricultural supplies and a mechanical irrigation/ exhaust system.  


There were a total of:

  • 85 marijuana plants, which were found to be separated by maturity 

  • An additional 500 plus grams of harvested marijuana

  • 23 bottles of anabolic steroids

  • 250 tablets of human grown hormone

  • 34 tablets of Zanax


The subject of the investigation, identified as Jack E. Kelhoffer (DOB 06/02/1985) was home at the time of the search warrant execution.  Mr. Kelhoffer failed to answer the door after repeated announcements were made. When officers breached the door he was found standing in the hallway between the living room and kitchen area. On the table behind him was a loaded Glock semi automatic handgun. Mr. Kelhoffer was taken into custody without incident. Two safes were located in the basement in the basement area holding 21 assorted hand guns and rifles and thousands of rounds assorted ammunition.  


When Mr. Kelhoffer failed to provided investigators with the combination to one of the safes, the Bridgeport Fire Department (Engine 5) was summoned to the scene to force it open with hydraulic sheers.  TNT Officers secured the residence and transported all the evidence to 108 River Street for processing. Mr. Kelhoffer was transported to 300 Congress Street, where he was charged with 21a-264a Cultivation of Marijuana, 21a-278(b) Possession of Marijuana over 4 ounces, 21a-277(b) Possession of Marijuana WITS, 21a-257 Failure to Keep Narcotics in Original Container and Possession of a Controlled Substance With Intent to Sell.