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12/14/2015 - Ganim appoints former Police Chief Wilbur Chapman as Senior Advisor for Public Safety

Mayor also Announces Appointments to Chief Administrator’s Office, and Mayor’s Office

Bridgeport, CT – Mayor Joe Ganim today announced more appointments of individuals named to head Bridgeport city departments.  Specifically, Mayor Ganim is making public the following appointments:

Wilbur Chapman, former Bridgeport Chief of Police, has been appointed as senior advisor to the Mayor for Public Safety.  Chapman also served as Chief of Patrol (1995-98) and Deputy Commissioner of Training (2007-2011) for the New York City Police Department.  He also served as Commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation.  Previously, Chapman served as Chief of Police in Bridgeport from 2000-2005.  As senior advisor to Mayor Ganim, Chapman will analyze and evaluate Bridgeport’s public safety agencies and develop strategies to maximize operational efficiency and improve delivery of service for the Police and Fire departments, the Office of Emergency Management, and the Communications Administrative Division for the city of Bridgeport.  

Angel DePara, former Bridgeport City Councilman (D-136), has been appointed as a Special Projects Coordinator in the Chief Administrator’s office serving under Bridgeport Chief Administrative Officer John Gomes.  DePara has 10 years experience on the Bridgeport City Council, serving as co-chair of the committee on Budgets and Appropriations from 2009-2013.  In his new position, DePara will lead various special projects for the department.

Kelly Perez, veteran public school teacher with extensive experience in elementary education in Bridgeport, Trumbull and Hartford, has been appointed to the position of administrative assistant in the office of Mayor Ganim.

“I am very pleased to welcome Chief Chapman back to municipal government in Bridgeport, we will all greatly benefit from his wisdom and expertise,” said Mayor Ganim.  “I also welcome the addition of Angle DePara and Kelly Perez to my team, who each bring with them valuable experience in diverse fields.  I am proud to make these appointments of three very qualified, experienced public servants and I have no doubt they will each do great things for our city.”

Mayor Ganim expects to continue to appoint new staff and department heads as the city of Bridgeport’s new administration begins to take shape.