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8/27/2015 - TODAY: Bridgeport Police School Resource Officers Begin Safe Corridors Program for New School Year (8:00 a.m.)

WHO: Bridgeport Police School Resource Officers.

WHAT: Bridgeport Police School Resource Officers walk students to school as a part of the Safe Corridors program.

WHERE: Corner of Trumbull Ave and Reservoir Ave, Bridgeport, Conn.

WHEN: 8:00 a.m. August 27, 2015.

Bridgeport, Conn. (August 27, 2015) - With school back in session in the Park City on Thursday,  Bridgeport Police School Resource Officers will be ensuring kids safely get to and from school in neighborhoods throughout the city, including the Trumbull Avenue area.

In the Trumbull Ave. area School Resource Officers will be walking kids to Wilbur Cross School at 1775 Reservoir Ave. This effort is a part of the City of Bridgeport’s Safe Corridors program.

“The Safe Corridors program helps keeps our students safe inside and outside of school, which we know will have an impact on their performance in the classroom. Feeling secure at school is a catalyst for learning, creativity, and community building.” said Mayor Finch. “I applaud the School Resource Officers and community volunteers involved in this program. Their dedication and support is critical to keeping our kids safe.”

The Safe Corridors program was developed jointly by the Board of Education and the Bridgeport Police Department. The program creates blocks-long perimeters around Bridgeport schools that will be marked and monitored by police, trained volunteers and cameras.

Wilbur Cross School serves over 400 Bridgeport students in grades K through 8.