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11/2/2014 - SPEECH: Mayor Bill Finch (RE: Welcoming President Barack Obama and Governor Dan Malloy) November 2, 2014

Thank you. I want to thank everyone for coming here today. I want to give a special thank you to our state delegation – especially its soon to be newest members Marilyn Moore, Chris Rosario, and Andre Baker.  Thank you to our hard working City Council and all public servants from police, fire, and public works

I cant tell you how great it is to be here today – its not every day we get so many champions of Bridgeport in one room at the same time.

My name is Bill Finch and Im the proud Mayor of Bridgeport – our state’s largest city.

As Mayor, its my job is to make Bridgeport an even better city than it is today – a place where my kids, and your kids, will choose to live, work, and raise their families, too.

Thats why Ive been focused on boosting confidence in Bridgeport – so others will join you and me as champions of our city.

This change is already happening – the re-opening of Pleasure Beach after years of neglect, breaking ground on Steelpointe Harbor after decades of broken promises, improving downtown, and building a second train station.

These are just some of the projects bringing confidence back to the city while creating thousands of jobs.

Were also investing in our citys future by going green. Its something cities are taking leadership on for the sake of future generations.

Im proud to say that Bridgeport is serving as a national model for going green. As Senator Chris Dodd once told me, the greatest social program is a job. Were living by those words – creating hundreds of green jobs right here in Bridgeport – with hundreds more to follow.

Were also becoming a national leader in producing clean energy. 20,000 homes will get their power from clean energy generated in Bridgeport, reducing pollution and giving our kids clean air to breath.

Were ensuring the Park City lives up to its namesake by investing in new and improved parks.

Bridgeport is winning the future is by improving education for your kids and my kids. Were increasing pre-k access. Were building several new award-winning schools. Were growing after school programs.

Right now, were doing more than ever to ensure kids in Bridgeport are getting the education they deserve to compete for 21st century jobs.

My vision, our vision – the vision for this city and its future – is taking shape.

Today, you can stand on a white sandy beach of a re-opened Pleasure Beach and look out onto Steelpointe Harbor where development is finally happening.

There are new and improved views like this across the city, and many more to come.

A lot has been done. But much remains. One thing is clear: None of this would be happening without the help of my friends President Obama and Governor Malloy.

President Obama has shown leadership on the economy, on the environment, and on believing that Americas best days are ahead of us. Its a spirit that inspires us every single day.

And, Governor Malloy has stood tall with Bridgeport from the start. Hes a true friend we can rely on.

Hes investing in Steelpointe Harbor – and new jobs.

Hes investing in a second train station – and the new jobs it will bring.

Hes investing in building new housing – and more new jobs.

Hes investing in building new schools – and even more new jobs.

Bridgeport needs strong friends in order to bring about our vision for the city and its future.

President Obama is a strong friend.

Governor Malloy is a strong friend.

Together – with our friends – we are making Bridgeport a better city every day.

And another great friend of the City of Bridgeport is our great Congressman Jim Himes – Bridgeport, please give a big welcome to our strong friend … Jim Himes!