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9/16/2013 - Javier Colon Performs at The Bijou Theatre to Help Raise Funds for Young Survivors Coalition

From the Bijou Theatre:

Join us for a special night featuring musical sensation Javier Colon, to help raise funds for the Young Survival Coalition (YSC) Tour de Pink.

Javier Colon has a lot of heart. In fact, that heart is precisely why he captivated America as winner of the inaugural season of NBC’s hit television show, The Voice. It’s why he never gave up on his dream of a career in music even in the face of numerous setbacks and what seemed like endless adversity. It’s why every time he writes a song, it strikes a chord.

A native of our neighboring town Stratford, he first discovered music as a kid growing up in Connecticut. His father was a DJ at a local radio station (located on our very own Fairfield Avenue!), so there was always music playing at home. “From an early age, I’d start mimicking the singers I’d hear on the radio,” he recalls. “With encouragement from my mom and a few teachers, I started performing at school. After that, I wanted to be all over anything that had to do with music.”

In addition, Colon writes his own music, constantly keeping himself open to inspiration. He has referred to his style of music as being “acoustic soul.” A family man, he keeps his wife and daughters close to his heart at all times often writing about them. He continues, “I connect emotionally to the songs I write, especially if they have anything to do with my wife or my little girls. As a result, music can happen at any time. I’ve had instances where I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with two full verses of lyrics that I hardly even have to think about. I hope people connect to that.”

Opening Act: Matt Cusson

An award-winning singer/songwriter and pianist, who continues to wow audiences and prove that he is the real deal. He is a gifted self-taught musician who excels in jazz, pop, and soul, as demonstrated by his expert writing and arranging skills on his critically acclaimed self-titled debut album.

Theatre Seating: $65
Table Seating: $85

Doors Open at 6 p.m.
Show Starts at 7 p.m.