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Covid-19 Procedures - Building Department

Until further notice the following procedures are in place:

NOTE:  Applicants are encouraged to conduct as much business via electronic means as possible.  All department services are being provided remotely and in-person, however, in-person services are by appointment only.  

Applications electronically submitted:
o      Applications are in a fillable format, and do not require printing or scanning.
o Submit completed applications, and all required accompanying materials to:
o Applications and submission requirements can be found here:
•      Sign


Inspections conducted remotely:
o Contact the appropriate inspector to arrange for the inspection.  
o The inspector’s name and contact information was provided when the permit was issued.
o Visual inspections may occur via video, FaceTime, pictures, cell phone or computer, as determined by the inspector.
o An inspection report will be forwarded via email after the visual inspection.
o Subsequent inspections will follow the same protocol.
o If an in-person inspection is required, the inspector will inform you of the proper protocols to conduct a safe inspection.  

In-person service is by appointment only, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Monday through Thursday
o Timed appointments will be strictly adhered to 
o Face masks are required
o Visitors will be checked into the building by security and subject to health and temperature screenings
o Social distancing protocols shall be maintained