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Bridgeport participates in the ICMA Center for Performance Management Program. This program assists over 150 cities, counties, and other municipal entities measure, compare, and evaluate municipal service delivery through performance evaluations. The program assists Bridgeport in assessing our ability to deliver munipical services by comparing operational & maintenance expenditures to other, similarly sized communities around the country.

Fiscal year 2009 marked the fourth consecutive year that Bridgeport has participated in the program. This year, 13 of the 15 service area templates were completed. The summary information for the past three fiscal years for departments that participate in the program are detailed below. The measures included in these reports are from the ICMA annual (and in the case of 2008, mid-year) data reports. Bridgeport's information is provided along with the ICMA mean response from cities and counties with a population greater than 100,000 residents.

As with any comparative exercise, not all comparisons are useful. In the case of Bridgeport, some measures are not available because the questions that inform a measure (for example, in the case of Housing, the total number of substandard housing units) are not available. This absence of a measure then results in a kind of waterfall effect on subsequent core measures. In addition to the above information, we continue to integrate these measures, paired with other service information, into the annual budget book. In addition, this year's budget book will explore additional division summaries which highlight staffing trends, expenditure and revenue history, and related measures. Two examples can be found here and here.

In 2009, ICMA awarded our jurisdiction a Center for Performance Measurement Certificate of Achievement for our continuing efforts in measuring and improving your local government performance. This certificate recognizes the hard work of the whole team from our jurisdiction, including the elected officials, the CAO, department staff, and all department coordinators.

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