What is a City Clerk? 

The City clerk is elected citywide for a four-year term. As well as overseeing all operations of the City Clerk's Office, by Charter, is also a voting member of the City Hall Committee, which oversees all city property management; and the Airport Commission, overseeing Airport operations at the Sikorsky Memorial Airport.

For the last 10 years Lydia Martinez served as a City Council Member representing the 137th District in the City of Bridgeport. She also served as a Connecticut State Representative from 2000 to 2006 representing the 128th District.
What is a City Clerk?

The eminent politcal scientist, Professor William Bennett Munro, writing in one of the first textbooks on municipal adminstration (1934) stated:

"No other office in municipal service has so many contacts.
It serves the mayor, the city council, the city manager (when there is one), and all administrative departments without exception.

All of them call upon it, almost daily, for some service or information. Its work is not spectacular, but it demands versatility, alertness, accuracy, and no end of patience.
The public does not realize how many loose ends of city administration this office pulls together."

These words, written over 50 years ago, are even more appropriate today.

Our present City Clerk & Assistant City Clerk are esteemed members of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC). This professional organization boasts over 10,000 members, and is comprised of City Clerks and Deputy City Clerk's from the United States, Canada, and other countries. IIMC provides all City Clerk's and their assistants with a variety of services and activities to assist them with the duties and responsibilities of their office. The Official Mission and Purpose of the organization, as indicated in Article III of the Constitution of the International Institute of Municipal Clerk's, is to prepare its membership to meet the challenge of the diverse roles of the Municipal Clerk by providing services and continuing professional development opportunities to benefit members and governments they serve.

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