Planning Department

The Planning Department works with the development community to guide them through the City’s regulatory processes, neighborhood and redevelopment plans, and other siting issues associated with their investment opportunities.

Through the coordination of proposed projects with the larger streetscape, neighborhood and citywide issues, and the vision of the City's Master Plan of Conservation and Development, the department seeks to balance the development project plans with those of the City in order to maintain the character, livability, and quality of life of the City and its neighborhoods. Furthermore, the department assists the Office of Planning & Economic Development with growing the City’s tax base and provide the framework to build an economically vibrant and dynamic Bridgeport.

The department also provides the City of Bridgeport with research and siting analysis for its public projects such as schools, parks, public access to the waterfront, streetscape projects, etc. and maintains various databases necessary for other City departments to perform their tasks.

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Contact Information

Lynn Haig, AICP
Director of Planning
Office of Planning and Economic Development
999 Broad Street
(203) 576-7221